Kroger Feedback Survey

Kroger Feedback Survey

In keeping with it’s long tradition of valued customer service and in the face of the technological advances available in today’s day and age, Kroger offers an online portal for customer’s to evaluate their Kroger experience in the form of the Kroger feedback survey and win 50 fuel points.

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This survey also allows the customer to further engage by participating in the Customer Sweepstakes survey, where they stand a chance to win sure-shot 50 Kroger feedback bonus fuel points, grocery cards, gift cards and digital coupons, all of which can be availed in the form of a discount when they shop next at their nearest Kroger store. You can win Kroger feedback bonus fuel points, 100 gift cards worth $100 or grocery gift cards worth $5,000 through this survey.

The Kroger feedback survey is a fun, interactive and engaging way to both encourage more customer interaction with Kroger and their employees but also an effective way to get to know the expectations and needs of the customer, so that employees at Kroger’s are better able to serve the customers.

The customers can participate in the survey and sweepstakes multiple times, as many times as they may be inclined to do so. Making another purchase would not affect their chances at winning the stakes in a beneficial or any other way as such.

The Kroger feedback survey is designed to be quick and efficient. It can be easily completed and handed over in a span of 12- 15 minutes. The customer will have to enter their contact details and their loyalty card details towards the end of the survey to participate in the sweepstakes survey. The completion of the survey leads to the customer to enter the sweepstakes as also earn 50 Kroger feedback fuel points for their expended effort.

How to Participate in the Kroger Feedback Survey?

The Kroger feedback survey can be undertaken on website. To take the Kroger feedback survey, a detailed guide is available on In fact, customers can chose between the Quick Guide that provides a brief overview of the whole process to undertake the Kroger feedback survey, the Video Guide that is a video tutorial illustrating every step of the process or the Step-by-Step Guide that, as the name suggests, enumerates the steps to be followed to complete the survey.

Requirements for Participation –

To participate in the Kroger feedback survey, the following requirements will be needed to be fulfilled on part of the customer-

  • Any device, be it a laptop, tablet or smartphone with an active internet connection. The website for the Kroger feedback survey and sweepstakes contest can be opened on any browser.
  • A Kroger receipt of purchase that is not more than 7 days old. The date and time and the Entry ID recorded on the receipt will be needed to enter this survey contest.
  • Knowledge of either English or Spanish. Kroger feedback survey questions will be put forth in either of these two languages.
  • Customer should be a legal resident of the US and at least 18 or older.

Kroger Feedback Survey Questionnaire

A series of questions will be asked through a couple of pop-up windows that will follow the same format as above. The questions listed are easy to comprehend and pertain to the overall experience of the customer while shopping for necessities at their nearest Kroger stores. The questionnaire asks for just a few minutes of the customer’s attention till it’s completion. Such questions like the purchase section that the customer enjoys shopping in the most when they were last at Kroger’s, along with rating the overall shopping experience, the demeanor of the Kroger employees at the counter, relative price of the item as sold at Kroger’s and compared to elsewhere are sought after.

Other questions asked include customer preferences with regards to the store brands, the movement and thoroughfare throughout the store, items on sale, the prices and freshness of perishable produce, dairy products, and even in-house staff behavior in terms of politeness and courteousness towards the customers, especially at the check-out counter. Questions regarding the Deli department are also asked, which include the nature of stocked items and the time taken for service.

In case of any issues, the customers are encouraged to contact Kroger customer service through either an online chat or toll free number at 1-800-576-43770. To locate your nearest Kroger store and for more information on customer service and other store timings, please refer to the official Kroger website at A glimpse of the survey window appears below .

How to Participate in Kroger Feedback Survey by Mail?

Besides the online platform, the customer’s also have the option of taking part in the survey by mail. All the customers have to do is send a postcard with their name, address and telephone number before the eight day of the next month to the following address- Customer Survey Monthly Sweepstakes, PMI Station, PO Box 3547, Southbury, CT 06488- 3547. The customers should take note that the last date of the Entry Period has to be marked on the mail entries. Entry period typically beginning on the first day of the month with the end date usually the last date of the month.

Choosing the Winners

Through lucky draws that are completely at random, the winners of the sweepstakes are chosen. Lucky draws are drawn around the tenth day of each month. The employed personnel at Kroger are specifically not allowed to take part in the customer survey, in lieu of fair practice. Winners will be notified either through phone or email. Kroger reserves the sole right to scrap the promotion in case they feel the situation, for any good reason, demands so. The customers are to note that the displayed winners’ listing published by Kroger will never disclose the customer’s full information and contact details will not be revealed, and the information that they provide would be solely used for internal purposes and not openly disclosed otherwise.


Many customers so far have participated in the Kroger feedback survey and sweepstakes contest and won, a memorable experience for all who did. One such customer, Marie van Wye who visits the Kroger store on West University Parkway in Jackson every week for their grocery shopping, had the extremely good fortune of winning $5000 as a Kroger gift card by filling out the Kroger feedback survey. She states she merely thought of filling out the surveys to receive 50 Kroger feedback bonus fuel points each week, and had entered the sweepstakes many times before this actual event, but never won anything until now.

The $5000 Kroger gift card can be used freely at any Kroger store and not just the original store where the entry receipt was obtained from. The chosen Grand Prize winner need to complete an affidavit of eligibility, liability and publicity release within the time period as specified in the notification letter sent to them notifying them of their win from Kroger. This should be done within the specified time period, or the Sponsor withholds the discretion to disqualify the said candidate and choose another one otherwise. In states where the legal age of majority is higher than 18, the potential candidate’s parents or guardian will be awarded with the prize after due submission of all the necessary affidavits and releases. The taxes on the prizes are specified as being the sole responsibility of the owner.

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